Music works wonders!

Desktop applications making your pronunciation easy to understand

Russian conversational phrases and how to pronounce them
Russian with Music
Undoubtedly unique and effective method!
It is musical rhythm that naturally develops speech rhythm and sentence stress.
You’ll remember words and phrases as well as the lyrics of your favourite song!
  • 480 exercises, 400 of them are exercises with music.
  • 400 original musical compositions.
  • 23 hours of high quality recordings!

For beginners and everyone willing to speak clearly, distinctly and confidently in any semi-formal and formal situations.

Unlike others, it's not only information but a fantastic way to remember it.

'RUSSIAN with MUSIC' consists of ten lessons plus the introductory lesson:

Introductory lesson Russian letters and sounds. The Russian alphabet. The pronunciation of Russian sounds.
Topics Grammar
Lesson 1 Greetings. Introduction. Names of countries and cities. Personal pronouns.
Lesson 2 Greetings and farewells. Apologizing. Expressions for special situations. Conjunctions.
Lesson 3 What's your job? Names of professions. Workplaces. The gender of nouns. Possessive pronouns (singular).
Lesson 4 Airport. Passport control. Places in an airport. Baggage. "У меня есть …". "У вас есть ...?" "Кто он?" "Чьё это?"
Lesson 5 Yes-No. Suggestions and invitations. Thanks and replies. Affirmative answers. Negative answers. Conjugations.
Lesson 6 Meet me at 8.00. Indication of time. Times of departure and arrival. Word order in a sentence. Negation. Case system. Nominative case. Adverbs of place.
Lesson 7 How much is this? Shopping. Things in a shop. Trying things on. Case system. Accusative case. The accusative case of pronouns. Ordinal numbers. Dates. Names of months. "Извините, который час?"
Lesson 8 In the office: equipment, office problems. Internet. Days of the week. Conversational phrases. The past tense. The dative case of pronouns. Imperatives.
Lesson 9 Hotel. Check-in. Checkout. Problems in a hotel room. Requests. Notices and warnings. The genitive case of nouns and pronouns. Personal pronouns in the genitive. 'There is/are'="есть". The intonation of an interrogative sentence. The adjective. The nominative singular and plural. The preposition "к".
Lesson 10 In a restaurant. Booking a table. Ordering dishes. Paying the bill. The future tense (simple and compound). The construction "должен/должен был + an infinitive". Prefixes with verbs of motion.
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